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Subhojit Dasgupta has been quoted in the Headlines news in Times Life! -- The National Color edition of The Times of India
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Subhojit is the Creative Advisor/Consultant to Mr.Alyque Padamsee & Ms.Raell Padamsee for their International theatrical production 'Macbeth' directed by Alyque Padamsee & produced by Raell Padamsee's Academy For Creative Expression (ACE).

He has produced and directed an innovatively scripted musical titled 'Planet Ecstasy' in Bombay. He also directed a short film 'Aastha'.

If India translates to exotica for the world, then Subhojit Dasgupta will not disappoint. As long as he can remember, his personal vision has been about merging the spiritual world with the material one we consciously live in every day. Modern science frustrated his questions and in his quest for answers, he walked down the path of Tantra… The realization that a wholesome life is about that elusive connection made it all the more fulfilling in every way for him.

He has in-depth knowledge of the traditional Indian sciences and Sanskrit literature, having studied under the guidance of his guru Dr. (Acharya) Harish Chandra. Since his formal spiritual studies ended, he has been a visiting research scholar to traditional Vedic universities and schools.

And conceptualizing creative Media & Entertainment productions and advising their execution based on his creative ideas are not where his talents end. He is also a Teacher/advisor on all aspects of Tantra including its mudras as well as Tantric art. He has been guiding, counseling and teaching individuals as well as groups and organizations worldwide on Vedic Sciences, Indology, Tantra and Tantric science.

Brief Introduction to Tantra:

The word 'Tantra' is derived from the combination of two Sanskrit words 'Tattva' and 'Mantra'.

'Tattva' means the science of all cosmic principles and energies, while 'Mantra' refers to all the sciences of mystic sounds and vibrations and its
various applications.

A Sanskrit shloka from the Tantric scriptures explains Tantra: "tanyate vistaryte jnanam anemna iti tantram" (Tantra is the divine esoteric scripture by which the light of spiritual knowledge is spread or expanded).

Tantra is a very ancient science and is the 'Science of all sciences'.

Tantra integrates several different systems of philosophy and tantric science. Tantra pre-dates all the world’s existing religions, and provides the esoteric and scientific basis on which many of these religions were later based.

Subhojit's articles have been published in DNA India newspaper as well as in other newspapers & websites;

According to the Vedic evolution theory, the science of Tantra was wedded to the philosophy of the Vedanta to form the complete Tantra Science of all Cosmic Principles and Energy Vibrations.

Through the advanced Tantric psycho-spiritual experiences gained from authentic Tantric union and other scientific Tantric practices as taught by him, our spiritual and physical evolution is much faster as Tantra interconnects and unites all of reality and everything attained on the physical level also crosses into the spiritual level as well. And the spiritual and the physical are no longer separate but an integral part of each other.

Tantra can bring one extremely high levels of Conscious-awareness and Ecstasy, carrying a person to a higher realm of spiritual fulfillment. Tantra is for everyone; it provides practical techniques applicable to all men and women of every temperament and spiritual level and aims at turning every action of life into an act of 'sadhana' or divine ecstasy. Tantra and tantric sciences lead to the ecstasy of the Divine.

Subhojit teaches, guides and provides glimpses and an in-depth analysis of all the important techniques/practices of Tantra and Vedic sciences, so that those genuinely interested can learn from him and practice them in their original and correct form.
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