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About Us

Subhojit Dasgupta is an out-of-the-box creative guy to watch out for. He is a Creative consultant and Advisor to several media production houses, national as well as international.

Be it the Indian film industry (Bollywood as well as regional films in India) or Hollywood, television or theatre, dance or info-tainment, he has the right creative solutions and unusual ideation skills for your creative predicaments.

His aim is to create a new brand of entertainment. One that will speak directly to your soul, drawing to sensory enlightenment, a sort of deep mental stimulation in a direction hitherto unexplored and introducing new thoughts and ideals through good story-telling.

He is constantly on the move, looking out for new creative collaborations in theatre, films etc.

What We Offer

An Entertainment Renaissance – that has been uppermost on his mind for quite some time.
His USP is that he can co-relate anything to something so different that one is forgiven for thinking that he might miss the mark … but he doesn’t, much like Stephen Dubner and Steven Levitt.

When Alyque Padamsee approached him, Subhojit was required to blend his innate Tantric wisdom in the Shakespearean classic 'Macbeth' to justify the portrayal of Lady Macbeth as a character of unbridled sensuality and how she calls upon her own doom. It also ended up answering several unanswered questions in the original Shakespearean classic. Such a theatrical blend has never been explored on stage. This theatrical production successfully created a buzz with people sitting up and taking notice of such a new and rivetting interpretation to a Shakespearan classic.

From creative shows, musicals, film scripts and the works, his repertoire covers them all. Each production stands out for having his unique stamp, making one wonder how he does it when such ideas would not occur to the average mind. And for this he gives full credit to his Tantric leanings. Tantra has opened up his mind in more ways than one, and his advancements in Tantric learning only mirrored his advancements in the world of media and entertainment. It all might seem a little mad to the layperson, but there is definitely a method behind his creative zeal.

He is keen to work with like-minded and maybe even not so like-minded people (as he always says, if everyone’s agreeing all the time then how does a project move forward?) as he has done with Subhash Ghai for Kisna and Alyque Padamsee for Macbeth.

Where We Deliver

If you’ve seen the Matrix Trilogy you will get a glimpse of what we can deliver - an unique idea or concept with great commercial potential and entertainment to a large section of the global audience. Matrix – an entertaining sci-fi flick featuring Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fishbourne and Carrie-Anne Moss that spoke about human misconception of reality.

Subhojit can sense a parallel between the concept of this film and the philosophy of the Vedic scriptures. To him, the Matrix program is analogous to the Maya of Vedanta, the illusion that is perceived by the senses as the material world. In explaining Maya, he refers to the example of the rope and the snake in Vedanta. As long as one mistakes a rope for a snake, one is frightened and reacts to the rope as if it were a real snake. When one realizes that what one is seeing is only a laughs. Similarly, as long as one is engrossed in the ignorance of relative consciousness, the world is indeed quite "real". Only with the dawning of true knowledge does this illusion fall apart.

Similarly, he proposes 'Yoga Vashishta' as a concept. Though the 'Yoga Vashishta' has always been a part of the heritage, it is only in the last two decades that this concept has gained global popularity and western researchers are trying to prove its worth scientifically.

According to him, "Yoga Vashishta can also be a creative mode of expression through dance, layered with musical 'Vashishtan sounds' and this creative interpretation would hold true without offending its intrinsic value, and be entertaining as well".

Mission Statement

This vision has been a part of his life ever since he started reasoning things out for himself. His immense love and passion for his India has enabled him to advance his soul in leaps and bounds. He has transformed this love and passion into a driving need to spread esoteric knowledge and wisdom through entertainment.

If you resonate with some of the ideas mentioned above and would like to benefit from and create path-breaking creative productions, then so don’t hesitate to contact Subhojit Dasgupta for any creative venture that you may have in mind.

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